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What Jane's clients are saying


"Jane Langof is a true Feng Shui Master. She genuinely enjoys finding the perfect solution for her projects. That perfect solution is respectful of the budget and schedule yet honors traditional Feng Shui. Jane quickly moves past appearances and gets to the heart of things. When Jane opens the plans or walks on the site it is as if she can see the project built and in 3d. What makes her exceptionally good is that she has an uncanny ability to instantly see concerns and know a guest’s motivations, feelings and needs. For an integrated resort with a gaming component this skill cannot be overstated. 

Jane is principled and has deep convictions.  I found nothing mystical or magical about her approach.  It is based on sound building principles and common sense which often shines through when she speaks or writes about the best practices of truly great resorts.

Jane never demands adherence but rather is an advocate and a compelling and inspiring communicator, with her sound idealism persuading even the hardest of skeptics.  She is passionate about what she knows and can pursue her ideals with a single-mindedness that may catch others off guard.

It is my considered opinion that she uses her strengths for the greater good of a successful project.  I found that she tends to care about how her designs affect others, and her overall goal is to behave in a way that will help the people throughout the project life cycle and by doing so make the world a better place.

I would recommend Jane to anyone and will not do a major project without her."

Adam Titus, Project Director

Titus Consulting Partners, Las Vegas USA

"Thank you Jane for your Feng Shui advice on the Bamboo Walk Project at the Sydney Chinese Garden of Friendship, that will bring greater harmony between our countries' community, for us all." 

The Hon. Henry Tsang OAM

Former Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney

"I met Jane at the Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE) at her presentation on Feng Shui and its application to gaming environments.  Jane impressed me so much I connected with her immediately after and have relied on her insight and analysis regularly since.  I mainly seek out her advice on layout and design detail of new capital projects but have also had her compile reports on fortuitous calendar dates to guide business decisions around when to open a new space to customers.  


I’ve worked in the Casino and Leisure industry since 1994. Making our gaming environments as inviting as possible to all of our customers has become increasingly important as properties strive to attract not just the local but domestic and international gaming dollar. Feng Shui is particularly important to our Asian customers. 


The thing I love about Jane is that she presents her comprehensive reports in an easy to comprehend format (for Westerners not attuned to Feng Shui).  Jane is always quick to respond and has proven she can turn requests around in a matter of days.


I highly recommend Jane for any inquiry you may have in relation to a capital design layout or where you need advice on fortuitous calendar dates (in relation to the Lunar calendar)."

Sandra Thefs, Senior Manager Guest Experience Transformation

The Star Entertainment Group

"Jane has consulted to St Johns Park Bowling club on multiple occasions.  Most recently she provided Feng Shui advice on the major expansion of our club, including the refurbishment of our gaming area and the new dining and entertainment precinct. Jane worked well with our architects and reviewed concept plans, drawings and finishes, providing recommendations for layouts and design elements to improve energy flow.  Her valuable and practical advice ensured that design elements were both culturally sensitive and tasteful.  We have received wonderful feedback from our customers, who are very happy with the look and feel of the venue.  We have enjoyed working with Jane and appreciate her contribution to the success of our club refurbishment."

David Marsh, CEO

St Johns Park Bowling Club

"Colliers engaged Feng Shui Master Jane Langof on multiple occasions as a professional speaker for client networking events during Chinese New Year.  We were impressed with Jane's professional approach and the way she presented Feng Shui with her entertaining and engaging style.  Jane is a pleasure and fun to deal with and I would recommend her services for future projects."

Steam Leung, National Director Asia Markets

Colliers International

"Jane worked diligently and effectively with the project team, at the early stages of design. This work covered numerous hospitality projects that required specific attention to detail. I would highly recommend Jane for her ability to understand and stick to the brief, whilst being flexible and working cohesively with other members of the project team."

Paul Cheal, Project Manager, Design & Construction

Plancon Project Management Pty Limited

"I’ve used Jane Langof several times for both residential and business projects.  She merges interior design with feng shui to create spaces that flow and look beautiful.  She has helped fit out both our home and office spaces and every time it has made an amazing difference to the energy and the aesthetics of the environment. Jane is extremely knowledgeable, warm, easy to work with and has an incredible knack for understanding her clients’ needs." 

Venita Dimos, Lawyer and Mediator

The Mediation Company Pty Limited


"Our company, Mark Hurcum Design Practice Architects, has had a long-standing positive working relationship with Jane Langof of Feng Shui Concepts for over a decade and we are pleased to recommend her services. 

Over the years a number of our residential clients have requested a Feng Shui analysis of their proposed development.  Not all practitioners in this area, however, are able to understand how Feng Shui solutions and good design need to go hand-in-hand.  Jane's understanding of the discipline and her ability to both explain the results and provide coordinated solutions for how her Feng Shui analysis may or may not affect the planning of a home has been invaluable.


In particular, Jane was instrumental in developing the concept with our company for a major four-storey new residence in Darling Point, designed in 2009. This Client was particularly concerned that the design of their new home should not affect the well being of their family and Jane’s assistance in working with us while designing the floorplans to answer this concern very much put the Client’s mind at ease.  The fact that the project was ultimately a success, that they were happy with the result and they enjoy living in the house still, is a testament to the ability to meld good architecture with positive Feng Shui solutions.

Jane is also, as an experienced Interior Designer, able to translate her concepts into attractive interior outcomes and she has a great eye for style, balance and finish.

As a third string to her bow, Jane has successfully project managed her own developments and has a developed level of experience and keen understanding of this role that could be an important resource for clients to draw upon.

We would recommend Jane in any of these fields."

Benjamin Johnston, Director

MHDP Architects

"I contacted Jane Langof from Feng Shui Concepts back in September 2018.  We had just purchased our new block of land and were in the process of having our new forever home drafted.


Jane worked with our architect helping with the layout to create a beautiful auspicious Feng Shui home.  We wanted a home suited to our environment and climate, to be energy efficient, and have a great overall feel and positive energy for our family.  Jane also provided advice for the position and direction of our home, colours, and textures for each room, best sleeping positions for health, even the outside garden design, colours and plants.


Our new home is everything we wished for and more.  Our builder entered our home into the Master Builders Association (MBA) and Home Industry Association (HIA) awards for 2020 in numerous categories.  Thanks to the dedication of our builder and Jane's advice our home won all divisions including Best Energy Efficient Home of the Year.


Our family and friends all comment on the home's beautiful energy and feel.  It is very welcoming and has great ZEN.  I cannot thank or recommend Jane highly enough to anyone interested in bringing Feng Shui into their home , office  or workplace.  She offers a wonderful service!"

Steve & Cheryl, Darwin, NT. Master Builders Association Award – MBA Overall home of the year winner 2020 (Northern Territory)

"We've always had a level of respect for Feng Shui, but working with Jane took it to whole new level.  After having a property on the market for seven months with no apparent reason for the lack of sale, our real estate agent recommended Jane and helped us to reach out to her for guidance.


With Jane in Sydney and the property in Brisbane, meaning we had to engage from a distance, from the outset Jane was very welcoming, professional and a joy to work with.  We simply provided her with the requested information and took her on a thorough video call tour of the property.  Along the way we discussed aspects of the property and furnishings, while Jane thoughtfully and patiently shared her knowledge and provided us with pages of information and suggestions as to how to improve the energy flow and enhance the prospects of selling the property.  


We have no doubt the combination of the intention of Feng Shui, along with Jane's knowledge of her craft and attention to detail, is what brought us a favourable sale of the property the week following our phone call and implementation of the suggested strategies.  We would not hesitate to recommend Jane or work with her again, although in future we will work with her from the start of any project.  Thank you Jane!"

Tony and Surinder Crichton, Bulimba, Brisbane QLD

"When I found my dream home, I wanted to make sure my interior décors are in harmony with the energies of my new home, and I was recommended by a good friend to have a feng shui consultation with Feng Shui Concepts. Jane was fantastic & very professional in the way she had conducted her Feng Shui assessment of my new home. She was able to turn around her analysis in a short time, which was quite important for me so that I could co-ordinate my renovation as soon as possible. Not only was Jane knowledgeable in Feng Shui, she was also able to use her interior decorating skills in suggesting tasteful and modern feng shui placements to enhance positive energies and counteract not-so-good energies in the home. Jane was also very patient and helpful with my many questions in relation to different Feng Shui placements, which shows she is genuinely sincere in improving her client's home energies. When you are a client with Jane, you would have her helpful advice for life! Thank you Jane!"

Irene Cheung, North Ryde, Sydney NSW

"Jane was fantastic! She is very friendly and always prompt in providing clear and helpful advice. Jane stands out (from the usual traditional/intense Feng Shui master) because she provides a balance of practical feng shui advice, mixed with smart/creative ways of interior design techniques. My partner and I felt very comfortable having her inspect our hew home as she brought a lot of positive energy when she came. Post her visit Jane provided a concise but thorough report, which we could refer to every now and then. Greatly recommend Jane and her advice"

Kade Hodges, Enmore, Sydney NSW

jane langof
How Jane provides the Feng Shui advice you need

As a qualified designer and master of Feng Shui, Jane is highly skilled to provide advice and guidance for commercial ventures and residential properties of all shapes and sizes.

Jane believes that good Feng Shui and beautiful design must go hand in hand for a project to be successful.  As such she enjoys collaborating with architects, designers and builders to create exceptional properties with amazing energy.

Feel free to get in touch if you need advice on how to maximise the energy and appeal of your property.

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