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Feng Shui home consultations

Create a beautiful home that enhances wealth, love and happiness

"My mission is to help you create your dream home ~ a place that inspires success and abundance"

~ Jane Langof

Improve the flow and energy of your living space and create your dream home

Whether you are considering a home renovation, or you feel your property does not bring positivity into your life, Feng Shui is the ideal way to transform your space. Jane provides consultations and advice to energy-conscious homeowners, supporting you from start to finish using a combination of Feng Shui techniques, interior design knowledge and common-sense practicality to make your home the best it can be.

Many different aspects can affect your home, and lead to blockages, ineffective energy and negativity. Feng Shui Concepts will help transition your home into one designed for abundance, positivity, wealth and success! 

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Positivity, happiness, wealth and success!

If you’re building a new home and want to make sure it has plenty of positivity, happiness and success, speak to a Feng Shui consultant at the design stage. But maybe you’re thinking 'lucky' Feng Shui objects are tacky? The good news is that you don't really need them—traditional Feng Shui is about energy flow, the balance of yin and yang and the elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal. 

If you feel your existing home simply isn't helping you meet your goals, Jane's Feng Shui advice will be life-changing. Using her practical approach, she helps to transform homes, based on the tangible and intangible elements of Feng Shui. The result is a home that works for you, free of blockages and functional for your needs as an individual or family.

International award-winning Feng Shui Master Jane Langof

What Jane's clients are saying

"Jane was instrumental in developing the concept with our company for a major four storey new residence in Darling Point, designed in 2009. This Client was particularly concerned that the design of their new home should not affect the well being of their family and Jane’s assistance in working with us while designing the floorplans to answer this concern very much put the Client’s mind at ease.  The fact that the project was ultimately a success, that they were happy with the result and they enjoy living in the house still, is a testament to the ability to meld good architecture with positive Feng Shui solutions."

Benjamin Johnston, Director, MHDP Architects

"I have been privileged to have had Jane work on the Feng Shui for my home. I was drawn to her the moment I started perusing her website. When she arrived to my home for the consultation I found her to be very professional, articulate and highly passionate about her work. Her warm demeanor and excellent listening skills made me feel important and valued as a person and customer. The service I received was far above what I expected and I highly recommend her to anybody wanting expert advice on creating a harmonious home and environment, or wanting to enhance their home to maximise the value of their property. There were other consultants I could have used, but Jane outdid them all. I feel blessed to have found her."

N White, Strathfield, Sydney NSW‎

"Twelve months ago I sat in my new home feeling stressed and overwhelmed. No room seemed to work and it was making daily life hard. Then I met Jane. Her news astonished me and made sense energetically.  At the time I couldn't imagine how to make the changes recommended but I tried it out and gradually everything settled down and improved. Jane offers wise suggestions for small changes that make dramatic positive impact on your life. I would encourage anyone looking for a new perspective on life and living to enjoy the services of Feng Shui Concepts."

 L King, Mosman, Sydney NSW

"When I found my dream home, I wanted to make sure my interior décors are in harmony with the energies of my new home, and I was recommended by a good friend to have a feng shui consultation with Feng Shui Concepts.Jane was fantastic & very professional in the way she had conducted her Feng Shui assessment of my new home. She was able to turn around her analysis in a short time, which was quite important for me so that I could co-ordinate my renovation as soon as possible. Not only Jane was knowledgeable in Feng Shui, she was also able to use her interior decorating skills in suggesting tasteful and modern feng shui placements to enhance positive energies and counteract not so good energies in the home. Jane was also very patient and helpful with my many questions in relation to different Feng Shui placements, which shows she is genuinely sincere in improving her client's home energies. When you are a client with Jane, you would have her helpful advice for life! Thank you Jane!"

Irene Cheung, North Ryde, Sydney NSW

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How Jane approaches the Feng Shui process

By combining experience in Feng Shui and interior design, Jane’s goal is always to produce homes that are functional, beautiful and tailored to your energy; no generic advice or typical solutions to complex problems.


After an initial consultation, Jane can support you throughout the building and renovation process, providing insight and delivering advice that can directly impact the effect your finished home has on you and your life.

For more information about the consultation process, see Jane's Frequently Asked Questions.

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