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Master Builders Awards Announcement

When beautiful Feng Shui meets exceptional design and superb craftsmanship, an award-winning home is created! As the Feng Shui Master and designer behind this remarkable home, I am thrilled that my project Feng Shui House was a Finalist at the 2023 Master Builders Association Awards.

The MBA awards are known for their rigorous building inspections. They only recognise top-quality built homes, and the judging panel is thorough in assessing quality standards. Mark Irvine, the builder, detailed the renovation process, the challenges we faced, the innovative solutions and the sustainable features of the building project. Perhaps the most interesting insight was the construction of the unique curves using traditional ship-building techniques.

Heartfelt thanks go to the talented team of builders at Irvines Building and MHDP Architects, who made the design and construction of this beautiful project a joy from start to finish.

If you want to know more about how to build your own award-winning home, get in touch and let's chat!

Master Builders Award Finalist Feng Shui House. Builder: Irvines building. Architect: MHDP architects. Feng Shui Design: Jane Langof, Feng Shui Concepts
MBA Award Finalist Feng Shui House - Irvines Building x Feng Shui Concepts

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