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How to improve energy in the new year with Feng Shui

Master Jane Langof explains new year Feng Shui 2024

In my recent feature in Vogue Living, I had the opportunity to discuss how Feng Shui continues to influence modern interior design and personal well-being. The article delves into practical ways Feng Shui can infuse your home with love, health, and success. Key Insights:


Entrance and Wealth:

We explore the significance of your home’s entrance in Feng Shui, which symbolises wealth and the ability to attract opportunities. Tips include positioning key elements like furniture and artwork to invite positive energy.

Bedroom Harmony:

Learn about creating a serene and protective bedroom environment, focusing on the placement of the bed, the use of electronics, and the balance of yin and yang energies.

Kitchen and Health:

The kitchen's location and decor play a crucial role in your home's energy. We discuss avoiding the centre placement of the kitchen and how to balance the fire element with neutral, earthy tones.

Living Room Dynamics:

Discover how to arrange your living space to encourage relaxation and positive interactions, with advice on furniture placement and lighting to enhance the flow of energy.

Read More in Vogue Living:

For a comprehensive guide and more Feng Shui tips, I encourage you to read the full article in Vogue Living. Click this link to delve deeper into how you can transform your living spaces into areas of positivity and prosperity.


Interested in finding out more?

As a Sydney-based Feng Shui master, I am dedicated to helping you harmonise your environment with positive energy. If you’re seeking to bring Feng Shui into your life, feel free to reach out for personalised advice and consultations.


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