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Feng Shui Improves ROI

Jane Langof was engaged by Merlot Constructions and worked with PMDL Architecture & Design on major club refurbishments in Sydney, where the use of Feng Shui is significant to Asian customers.

“Merlot’s insistence on bringing in a Feng Shui expert to assist with the overall design had proved a clever stroke.”

“Between the Feng Shui and the Asian inspired look of the area we have dramatically grown our Asian customer base” Wesley Komorowski Gaming Manager, Smithfield RSL

Smithfield RSL went through a major refurbishment to their gaming area after the NSW smoking ban was introduced. They wanted to connect a VIP gaming area to their alfresco gaming room, however there were design constraints to consider.

The proposed VIP gaming room was formerly a snooker hall with a low ceiling. This normally presents a challenge from a Feng Shui view, but a creative ceiling design enhanced the feeling of spaciousness. Jane’s Feng Shui recommendations inspired the use of beautiful metallic finishes and curved design features, resulting in an auspicious gaming space that customers were thrilled about.

Customers were impressed with club management for considering their cultural needs by consulting a Feng Shui Master. 18 months after the new look gaming area was opened, the club’s membership had grown by 17.5%, with the club trading 13% higher than the prior year.

“We’re really excited as this is the highest growth we have seen as long as I can remember,” Wesley said, pointing out that he has been at Smithfield RSL for 16 years and that in the current market most clubs are happy with a growth of just a few percentage points.

Wesley said that Merlot’s capacity to look after everything from the design to the touches such as the Feng Shui made the whole process seamless.

“It’s hard to tell exactly, but looking at the way we are trading now I believe we are looking at a four-year payback on the refurbishment investment because of the growth it has generated. Why wouldn’t we continue to use a company that is cheaper, faster, better and has given us a product that is paying for itself?”

Jane Langof uses Feng Shui techniques in hospitality and gaming venues to create a beautiful and welcoming environment that feel prosperous, where people can enjoy spending time connecting with their community. It is important to Jane that her clients are successful, and that refurbishment projects result in a growth in market share for the venue.

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