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Clearing Clutter

Clutter is defined as the accumulation of objects and items that are not used, valued or needed. Clutter represents stagnant energy and insecurity about the future. People who keep unused items 'just in case' subconsciously do not trust that they will be provided with the things they require when the need arises.

A cluttered space reflects a cluttered mind, and devoting time to organizing your home will lift the energy and improve your Feng Shui, resulting in clearer thinking and better relationships.

Clearing clutter releases stagnant energy and getting rid of things that have no significance will help you to feel lighter and revitalised. Starting the process slowly one drawer at a time will slowly release energy which can eventually motivate you to do more de-cluttering. To assess whether an item is clutter, consider the following questions 1) Do I need it? 2) Do I use it? 3) Do I love it?

The best place to start with clutter clearing is in the bedroom, as this is the place where people spend the most time in their home. Start by clearing clutter around your bed and see what happens to your love life! The next best place to clear clutter is at the front entrance, followed by the most frequently used areas of the home such as your kitchen and home office.

Often people store items of clutter that can otherwise be sold, donated to charity or given away to someone in greater need. Displaying unwanted gifts and items you dislike around the home will bring about unfavourable energy each time you see the unwanted item.

The positive effects and full potential of a Feng Shui consultation will be limited if you live in cluttered surroundings. The reason why clutter clearing is effective is because changes to your external environment also occur internally. Removing obstacles will encourage the harmonious flow of energy which will enable you to be open for opportunities to enter your life.

What if your partner is a hoarder? It is not advisable to clear someone else's clutter without their permission! If you live with a clutter-bug, get your own possessions in order first, and this may just positively influence the people around you to consider moving out their own clutter.

Consider whether your 'stuff' represents who you want to be as a person today and take small steps towards reducing clutter in your home. Clearing clutter is liberating and feels amazing!

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