What is Feng Shui?

Have you ever walked into a home, and although everything looks fine, something doesn't feel quite right? 

Have you experienced misfortune or major changes in career, finances, health or relationships, since living in a particular home or moving offices?

Do you know of a home or office building where the people have experienced similar problems to previous occupants?

Have you noticed a particular business or office that's had a successive history of business failure and constantly seems to be up for lease?

Do you think 'lucky' Feng Shui objects are tacky?  The good news is that you don't really need them.  Traditional Feng Shui is about energy flow, balance of Yin & Yang and the elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal.


AFSM, IFSA accredited Feng Shui Master

We love helping people improve the energy in their buildings with Feng Shui and great design.  We work with clients on commercial and residential projects in Sydney and Melbourne.

Our Feng Shui consultations incorporate principles of good design with traditional Feng Shui to create positive energy, harmony and style.

Avoid making Feng Shui mistakes.  The best time to get Feng Shui advice is at the concept stage of design or before moving into a new home or office.

Consider adding value to your project with Feng Shui design.  If you're a developer, architect, or property investor, talk to us about Professional Partnering.


Professional Feng Shui Consultations

We partner leading architects and builders for high end residential projects, office refurbishments, unit development and club renovations in the gaming industry.

If your business appeals to an Asian market, our Feng Shui advice can help to maximise Feng Shui in your renovation or building project.

The Feng Shui industry is unregulated, so use an accredited Feng Shui Master. Our Feng Shui techniques are authentic and aligned with traditional methods used by Feng Shui Masters in Asia.

We enjoy sharing our Feng Shui advice through the media and speaking engagements.  Jane Langof, founder of Feng Shui Concepts, was interviewed on the Channel 7 Morning Show.


Feng Shui Consultant | Interior Decorator and Designer | Feng Shui Sydney
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