Howard Choy

Feng Shui Master Course - Feng Shui for Business and Living

Dates: Friday 8th June to Monday 11th June 2018

Feng Shui for Business and Living is a four day master class that will teach participants techniques and methodologies for dealing with business and residential clients.

Through the analysis of case studies, Howard will demonstrate the similarities and differences in approach between business and residential Feng Shui consultations.  The workshop combines theory with a practical on-site consultation.  Howard will start with a theoretical introduction to the San Cai Feng Shui methodology, which combines the interaction of the forces of Heaven, Earth and Human qi, through the application of Form and Compass school methods.  He will then demonstrate how to assess the quality of qi, methods of analysis and the most effective ways to optimise Feng Shui in the site.

While the practical case study is being examined, an off-site case study will be examined concurrently.  This will show participants how to handle a consultation that cannot be viewed locally.  During the process, Howard will explain and demonstrate the methods relevant to the two styles of consultation.

What you will gain from this course:

  • Important form school considerations and tips on how to read the qi of a building.
  • Learn a simple Bazhai (Eight Mansions) technique on how to arrange furniture and placement to support the person's health and wealth-wise and get introduced to more complex and powerful Flying star techniques.
  • Howard will share his valuable tips and tools on how to simplify the consultation process and improve the professionalism of your reporting, such as useful software and tech tips.
  • Get clarify in your Feng Shui practice and logical answers to your questions.
  • Howard is committed to the growth and success of Feng Shui practice, and generously shares his knowledge with his students.
  • You will be provided with a set of course notes.

Pre-requisite knowledge

This workshop is suitable for practitioners and students with knowledge of Feng Shui fundamentals.

About Howard Choy

Howard Choy is a Feng Shui consultant, architect and teacher with more than 30 years of practical experience working at the coalface of Feng Shui.  Howard's emphasis is on the practical use of Feng Shui to help you become a more knowledgeable practitioner.

"Howard is always remarkable in his understanding of Feng Shui and its many paradigms.  He is a rare type of Master who always takes the time to investigate, understand and explain the underlying theory leaving nothing to "faith", no secrets and only practical knowledge.  He not only teaches each of the main methods used today, he also explains the variations of the different lineages, their strengths and weaknesses without bias, leaving the final decision of how and what to practice to the empowered student."  Tyler J Rowe

Howard studied Feng Shui under the personal guidance of Master Ren Zhilin in Hong Kong, and he works with tertiary institutions on Feng Shui research in China, Hong Kong and Germany. 

Howard is the Principal of the European College of Feng Shui (ECOFS) and a director of ECOFS Consulting and ar-qi-tektur, Feng Shui architects and Planners based in Berlin.  Howard is a well renowned speaker at international Feng Shui conferences, and a willing teacher who shares his knowledge and experience with his students.

    Howard Choy Feng Shui architect
     Howard Choy Feng Shui architect courses

Why study with Howard?

“Howard’s knowledge is unparalleled.  He is perhaps the only teacher of Feng Shui equally at home in practical application and academic research.  He is also one of the few who understands the Chinese classics and is able to explain them not just in translated English but in Australian!  His sense of humour and passion to answer any question or solve any problem, paired with his uncanny insights make him the most influential local master of his generation.  It would be negligent not to take any opportunity to learn from Howard, as those who do, never leave with their skill and art unchanged.” T J Rowe

"Howard is a very patient and generous teacher whose step by step overview of how best to implement specific formulas into your Feng Shui consultations is not only practical, but ensures you take away the tools you need to incorporate his teachings into your everyday consultancy services." C. McCallum

"Thank you Howard for a fantastic five days.  I am only new to Feng Shui and I found the course easy to follow.  Howard's study notes and teachings were brilliant and all of the examples were greatly appreciated.  I look forward to studying with Howard in the future." K. Ingram

“Howard is an amazing teacher with an abundance of knowledge and skills which he openly shares with the class.  Howard’s teaching style is relaxed, varied and enthusiastic, providing practical excursions, clear presentation and invaluable handouts and knowledge.  I look forward to doing many, many more classes with Howard.” J. Lynch

A certificate will be presented to course participants

Course Location:

Sydney, Australia

Course Fees:

Course fee is A$1480 

A non-refundable deposit of A$280 per course is required to secure your place.

*Book early as seats are limited*

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