We conduct Feng Shui presentations at conferences, workshops and events around Australia.  Feel free to get in touch if you would like to join our international Feng Shui experts at the following events:

Chinese New Year Presentations

Rhodes Waterside - Sydney, Australia

Saturday 4th February 2017
In celebration of Chinese New year, Jane Langof will be presenting at Feng Shui workshops each hour from 11am through to 4pm, and providing tips and advice to maximise the energy in each room of your home. 
Howard Choy Feng Shui architect courses


Feng Shui Master Course with Howard Choy

Feng Shui for the Asian Market

Tuesday 9th to Friday 12th May 2017

This intensive master course covers how to achieve auspicious Form and avoid taboos for Asian clients.  Emphasis on Form School Feng Shui and how to read the potential fortune of a building by analysing its form.  Includes case studies and tour of Sydney Chinatown, Chinese garden and Star Casino.

This course will be held in Sydney, Australia

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To make bookings for these wonderful events please contact us. Phone: 02 8011 4801 or email

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