Organising Tips from the De-clutter Queen

Posted by Jane Langof on 2 September 2013 | 4 Comments

I love spring time in Sydney!  The warmer weather is on it's way and party season is approaching!  A great way to lift the energy in your home is by decluttering and getting organised.  Not only will this help your Feng Shui, but it is so important for your mental and emotional well-being.

Professional Organiser and De-clutter Queen Kat Tate, of Kat & Kaboodle says "the good news is that no one is born organised - it's a skill anyone can learn to achieve a simpler and more peaceful life."  Kat shares her top tips for getting organised:

  • Open mail over the bin: As soon as you bring it inside, open the mail and toss envelopes and junk into the bin. Don't let it pile up!
  • Set up a paper & bill-paying station: Assign one spot in your home to process and pay bills and sort paperwork. This prevents paper piling up in several spaces.
  • Do a quick sort: Grab 5 bin bags and label them 'Keep', 'Toss', 'Move', 'Donate', 'Recycle'. Go through your clutter and place each item in one of the bags. If in doubt - throw it out!
  • Label key things: Labelling cupboards, containers, shelves etc gives every item a home and makes it easier for everyone in the household to put things back where they belong.
  • Prevent cable chaos: Label computer and appliance cords, so you can clearly see what's what and prevent unattractive and dangerous tangles.
  • Sort out your filing system: Don't let your filing system be a place where paper goes to die! About 80% of our paperwork doesn't see the light of day. Set up clear categories, avoid having a 'miscellaneous' category and ensure you clearly label folders.

I've found that de-cluttering and getting organised helps people feel lighter and more energised.  Having less 'stuff' means it's easier to keep your home tidy!  What do you think?

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  • Thanks Rashmie, great to hear from you!

    I agree, de-cluttering is SO therapeutic, and the best place to start the de-cluttering process is in the bedroom because this is the place where people spend the most time in their home.

    Thanks for following my blog too, and feel free to subscribe to my newsletter for new and interesting info. Just go to my home page for the link, or send me an email.

    Jane :)

    Posted by Jane Langof, 09/09/2009 10:26pm (10 years ago)

  • Wonderful and very helpful ideas. Specially liked this tip - "Prevent cable chaos: Label computer and appliance cords, so you can clearly see what's what and prevent unattractive and dangerous tangles. "

    I find decluttering very therapeutic :)
    Will follow your blog regularly.

    Posted by Rashmie Jaaju, 06/09/2009 8:16pm (10 years ago)

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