Kitchen Feng Shui Tips

Posted by Jane Langof on 25 July 2014 | 2 Comments

The kitchen is very important in Feng Shui as it has a strong influence on the health and livelihood of the family.  The kitchen helps to nourish and sustain life, which affects one's health and vitality and the ability to work effectively and earn a good income.  If you are thinking of updating or renovating your kitchen, read on for some kitchen Feng Shui design tips.

• The energy in a kitchen is ideally bright and fresh, and therefore good lighting, ventilation and cleanliness are important.

• Stagnant energy is caused by clutter, grime, poor ventilation and dark corners.  A dirty cluttered kitchen interferes with one's ability to prepare healthy and nourishing food.

• The kitchen is best located in a protected position away from the front entrance. In particular, the stove should not be in direct view of the front door as it absorbs the energy entering the home. A simple remedy is to use a screen or door curtain to obscure the view to the stove.

• Avoid building the kitchen in the centre of the home. From a Feng Shui perspective it is thought to burn the heart of the home, and can indicate digestive illnesses.

• When designing a home, it's best to avoid building a bedroom directly above the kitchen as this can adversely affect the person sleeping in the bedroom above.

• The kitchen is best located away from toilets, and the stove should not face the toilet door. A simple remedy for this is to keep the toilet door closed when it is not in use.

• Avoid placing the stove directly under a window, as energy cannot be contained, and chi and good fortune can escape quickly from the kitchen. Overly large windows and window style splashbacks can cause energy leakage, which is unfavourable in Feng Shui.

• The kitchen is an area that naturally contains a lot of fire energy. Therefore avoid using the colour red to a large scale (such as in splashbacks and cabinetry) as it can make the fire element overly strong which can cause the cook to become hot tempered. Having a kitchen located in the South sector of a home can also intensify fire energy. Good fire safety equipment and procedures are especially important when the kitchen is located in the South.

• When designing the kitchen it's best for the cook not to have their back towards the entrance of the kitchen. The cook should work in a commanding position where they can see who is entering the kitchen while they are cooking. If this is not possible, use a reflective surface or object to enable the cook to sense movement from behind.

• The stove should not be positioned next to the sink or dishwasher as this creates conflict between the elements of water and fire. A remedy for this is to place a plant near the sink to create an elemental bridge between water and fire.

• Knives are best to be stored in drawers or away from view, rather than displayed in the kitchen. The sharp surfaces of knives send out unfavourable energy.

• Ensure that all elements of the stove, oven and other fixed appliances are working properly. A stove that is not in good working order can indicate problems with finances.

• Aim to have a healthy kitchen by avoiding things that negatively affect the human body. Chemicals, cleaning agents and artificial food substances all diminish our health and wellbeing and are best avoided.

• Introduce pleasant smells into the kitchen through the use of fresh flowers, citrus fruits or herbs. Avoid artificial air fresheners and sprays as they contain nasty chemicals.

• Take care with the placement of water features in the kitchen, such as fish tanks, as moving water can amplify the energy in a space, regardless of whether it's positive or negative.

The kitchen is a strong source of fire energy in the home, and therefore the placement, layout and direction of the stove and oven are important elements when considering kitchen design.  Kitchen design affects the intangible energy within a home and the specific placement of the stove and oven affects each occupant in the home.  Having good Feng Shui requires compromise and so to make the most of the energy in your home it's best to seek advice from a qualified Traditional Feng Shui master.

Jane Langof is a Feng Shui master from Sydney Australia

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