Having trouble sleeping? Electro-magnetic Fields could be the problem

Posted by Jane Langof on 12 April 2014 | 2 Comments

Electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) & electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) are buzz words amongst Building Biologists and modern Feng Shui Consultants.  Electro-magnetic fields come from energy produced by an electrical current.  This can come from sources such as electrical equipment and cabling.

Electro-magnetic fields can interfere with our health and the way our bodies function because of two main reasons:

1. We are comprised mainly of water, which is an excellent conductor of electricity.

2. Our bodies function through nerve impulses, which are tiny electrical currents.

Electro-magnetic fields interrupt the body's communication systems and places stress on the body, as it tries to deal with the interference.  If you are exposed to high  electro-magnetic fields while you sleep, your body won't be able to completely focus on regenerating and repairing.  This affects quality of sleep, which can lead to poor immunity, depression and fatigue.

When your immune system is not working properly, it increases the likelihood of health problems and diseases.  High electro-magnetic fields have been linked to various forms of cancer, fertility problems and neuro-degenerative disease.

All of this doom and gloom does not mean that you have to throw out everything electrical and move into a cave.  Some electrical sources are worse than others, and there are simple and practical ways to minimize the exposure.

A great chunk of your day is spent in bed sleeping (or trying to), so reducing your exposure to electro-magnetic fields in the bedroom will have the greatest impact. 

  • Be aware of electrical sources around your bed. Clock radios generally produce very high electro-magnetic fields, so move them 2 metres away from your head. Electric blankets fall into the same category, so either avoid them or just heat the bed and turn them off at the powerpoint after use.  All electrical equipment in the bedroom should be turned off at the powerpoint before you sleep.
  • Be aware of what is on the other side of your bedhead, and if there is an electrical meter box or fuse box on the other side of the wall, move your bed to a different wall.
    • If you have a double storey home with children sleeping upstairs, be aware of where their beds are positioned in relation to ground floor downlights.  The transformers in downlights produce high electro-magnetic fields when they are switched on.
      • Sources of electro-magnetic fields can be hidden in walls, ceilings and floors.  Heavy duty electrical cabling (such as those powering surrounding homes) can be run under houses and the occupants may be unaware. Electricians have been known to earth wiring to copper pipes, so this can produce high electro-magnetic fields along the plumbing system of older-style homes.  For that reason it may be best to avoid sleeping on the other side of a wall that contains plumbing, such as a bathroom.

          So how would you know whether you are being exposed to high electro-magnetic fields?  Using the services of a Building Biologist or modern Feng Shui consultant is a good start.  Ensure they have the proper equipment to measure electro-magnetic fields (we use a Bell 4180 Gauss meter).  Our Feng Shui consultations include EMF checks and provide practical solutions to reduce your exposure.

          For more information on electro-magnetic fields and electro-magnetic radiation, visit the following websites: www.powerwatch.org.uk and www.emfacts.com.

          Have high electro-magnetic fields affected your health or quality of sleep?  We'd like to hear about your experiences.

          Jane Langof is a Feng Shui master based in Sydney, Australia

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  • Add to the mix to the cacophony of problems that arise when people aren't PREPARED for the material trappings of overnight success. Not only this, but due to your new found wealth people will always expect more and more money just because you can afford to give it to them.

    Posted by win the lottery, 08/09/2012 3:22pm (7 years ago)

  • Hi Axel,

    Thanks for your comment. I know that electro-magnetic radiation is taken very seriously in Europe, particularly in the Germanic countries.

    I'd love to hear feedback from people who have used the Feng Shui mat. It's an interesting concept!


    Posted by Jane Langof, 20/04/2009 6:35pm (10 years ago)

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