3 Ways to Change Your Feng Shui

Posted by Jane Langof on 9 June 2014 | 3 Comments

Every home is unique and the energy in your home can either support you or work against your goals in life.  The analogy used by Feng Shui consultants is that having good Feng Shui is like 'walking in the direction of the wind', rather than walking against it.

If you've noticed things going wrong in your life, it could reflect a number of factors such as your destiny, genetics, attitude, hard work and your actions (the 'Three Lucks').  One thing is for sure - you have attracted your particular home for a reason, and the Feng Shui of your home will reflect what's going on in your life.

A Traditional Feng Shui consultant can read the energy map of a home by analysing the floor plan, compass direction and age of the building, together with other factors like landforms, interior design and layouts.  A home Feng Shui assessment can provide an insight into various issues that are happening in your home, such as arguments, ill-health, legal issues, good relationships and prosperity.

It's always advisable to get help from an accredited consultant, but if you're not able to hire a Feng Shui consultant right now, there are a few things you can try to make a difference.

1.     Change bedrooms or move the position of your bed - the Feng Shui of your bedroom reflects the state of your relationships and health, so if things are not going too well, you are probably sleeping in an area containing unfavourable energies.  The risk is that you could move to an area that contains worse energy, but on the up-side, you may move into a bedroom that is more supportive for health and relationships.

2.     Switch off or move water features in and around the home - water features have a powerful influence in Feng Shui and can worsen unseen energies in your home.  If you have noticed your luck taking a turn for the worse since installing a water feature, try switching it off or moving it to a different location.  Traditional Feng Shui consultants use water features to enhance the wealth sector of your home.

3.     The colour red - the Fire element and bright red has a powerful effect in Feng Shui.  If you decorate with bright red and it's immediately noticeable upon entering a room, it can aggravate certain energies.  This is applicable if red has been used to a large extent in a feature wall, bedspread or sofa.  If you feel that your Feng Shui has been working against you, try decorating with a different colour.  The colour red is used by Feng Shui consultants to either enhance or deactivate certain energy patterns.

Nothing replaces having a Feng Shui consultation in your own home, however you may choose to experiment with trial and error, if this works for you.  If you decide to give it a go, perhaps try each change at a time, giving it a couple of months, so that you can see what's affecting you.  Feel free to contact Jane or leave a comment and let us know whether you've noticed any changes!

Jane Langof is a Feng Shui master based in Sydney, Australia

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  • Hi Susan, good luck with convincing your boyfriend! If you don't have a different coloured bedspread perhaps you can borrow one from a friend and give it a try for a couple of months :)

    Posted by Jane Langof, 10/06/2009 8:32pm (10 years ago)

  • thanks, jane. this was an interesting article with sound advice. i hope my boyfriend will be willing to try a different color bedspread.

    Posted by Susan, 10/06/2009 1:07am (10 years ago)

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